Wines + Drinks for Big Parties: How Many, What Mix?

My most memorable parties were not the extravagant affairs with grand cru wines and caviar canapés. Nor were they the celebrations with all the right people in chi-chi black outfits. Rather, they were the get-togethers where the host had invested thought into small touches for our pleasure. If you’re hosting a soiree, here are some […]

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Tiers of rage

Sex or Kevin McKenna? Choose quickly. Of the two thunderclouds that loomed over digital newsstands yesterday, it was the former that promised all the hail, but the latter that brought the actual tempest. (The sex thing? Read it yourself. It’s a solid and thoughtful review of a thoroughly predictable bit of paleocultural juvenilia from natural […]

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10 Best Moscato d’Asti Wines to Buy Now + 5 Surprising Facts about Moscato d’Asti

Moscato d’Asti is a fragrant and slightly fizzy DOCG dessert wine produced in the Northern Italian region of Piedmont. You’ll find my most recent Moscato d’Asti reviews and ratings here. Surprising Facts about Moscato d’Asti: Moscato d’Asti is produced from the Moscato Bianco (white Muscat) grape in and around the town of Asti. The hub […]

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Wine Reviews: Hourglass

At Hourglass, premium Napa Valley red is more than just Cabernet Sauvignon. Their Cabernets deserve serious credit, but Hourglass has been working on some great varietal expressions of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec from the Blueline Vineyard in Calistoga. 2012 was the first full vintage for Hourglass’ winemaker Tony Biagi, who took over from renowned […]

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Daily Wine News: What We Taste

“Having spent a big part of his career as a critic in blind tastings, he now fully embraces context as one of the major parts of his enjoyment of and appreciation for wine.” In the New Yorker, Maria Konnikova explores “what we really taste when we drink wine.” “For those of us on the sidelines, watching […]

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My Dear John Letter to Moscato

It was bound to happen sooner or later. This was never meant to be forever. It’s 3AM and I don’t even know where to send this, you’re not at home. You haven’t been home in ages. You’re on the constant prowl, looking for new places, new people, new conquests. You don’t need me anymore. And […]

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The Pall & the proceedings

Witness the urtext of lousy writing about natural wine. Bruce Palling isn’t even trying. (This is almost literally true. Be amazed at the lack of effort.) The grand generalizations and profound ignorance — not to mention the errors — aren’t what makes this article terrible. Nor does it matter one whit whether or not Palling likes, […]

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10 Best Primitivo Wines to Buy Now + 5 Surprising Facts about Primitivo

Primitivo is an Italian red grape that many wine drinkers recognize by its American counterpart Zinfandel, although the grape’s true origin is Croatia, where the grape is known as Crljenak Kaštelanski. Some have taken to calling Primitivo ZPC to include all three grape names as an acronym, even though it doesn’t exactly roll off the […]

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The Effects of Biochar on Vine Growth and Grape Quality: A Possible Treatment for Increased Water Stress Due to Climate Change?

With global climate change, it is predicted that some parts of the world will experience longer and more severe droughts, as well as more intense weather events.  This is disconcerting for those in agriculture, including viticulture, as it will force the industry to develop and adapt new ways to keep crops fed with water and […]

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Vintage versus Terroir Effects: Can Science Find A Difference?

Terroir!  The word that grossly symbolizes the symphonic cacophony of chemical dances that make you associate certain flavors, aromas, and overall characteristics of a wine to a certain area of the world. In a very basic sense, terroir is the expression of a physical place through the flavors and quality of a wine.  There are […]

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Why I love wine!

Wine is tops my list of favorites when it comes to drinks. You can it have it anywhere and any time. Wine has a subtle sweet taste that gives a refreshing feel. The best part of wine is you can have it before a meal, after a meal or simply along with the meal. In fact you can have it with lunch or dinner and if you're looking to buy in bulk, you can visit a wine shop/merchant to get some seriously good rates.


  2. Wine has this particular quality found in no other drink that is to express warmth and hospitality. When you have a guest, pick up two glasses and pour some wine and talk for hours on end. In fact, storing wine is like capturing this essence and valuing it.

  4. Wines come in huge varieties. There are thousands of grapes from which is wine is made. They are bottled in different styles. Each wine needs to be given a different amount of sunlight and processed in a different style. I can choose any flavor whether a rose or pinot noir depending on my mood.
  5. AROMA

  6. The aromatic element in a wine is very crucial. Although we drink wine and feel its texture, the truth is it is more about aroma than the taste. With experience, your nose can sense the age, region and how it was produced. You know exactly what will tickle your taste buds when you sip it.

  8. The wonderful things about wine is it has unlimited shelf life. In fact, the older the wine, the better it is. So, I need not worry about rotting wines and can have a huge collection.

  10. Wines come from different places in the world. Once you start sipping wines you would want to know a lot about from where the wine came and its place of origin. This way you can have a virtual travel around the world and improve your geography. I love travel and knowing places, so a glass of wine gets my mind wandering.

  12. This is the reason I love wine. I am a huge foodie. And wines possess flavor components like acidity and tannins that naturally compliment food. One of my favorites is goat cheese intensified with a Sauvignon Blanc.

  14. A glass or two of wine are known to be loaded with health benefits. The antioxidants in wine are known to reduce gallstones and cholesterol which in turn helps to control heart attacks and strokes. So, I can have a daily glass without worrying much about my health as well.

  16. Wine suits all occasions. Whether it’s a pizza weekday with buddies or an anniversary, the vine is flexible. You can choose wine blindly for any occasion. With the huge collection that I have, I never run out of options.

  18. Wines make ideal presents for any occasion. It can be an engagement, a wedding , a birthday party, any cause for celebration and the wine is your best emergency present.